Wendy Morrison aka "Jo Morris"

UBU Today Founder www.wendyjomorrison.com

Founder/Executive Director
“I believe people do not have to suffer.” ~Wendy Jo Morrison~

Wendy studied Nursing for four years at Madonna University and graduated with a BS in Psychology in 1996. Wendy received her MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology in April 1998. She then joined the United States Peace Corps in November 1998. After completing the Peace Corps, she returned to the United States and worked as a Director / VP of Human Resources for the next 15 years.

Wendy is living proof that terminal illness does not have to be a death sentence. Wendy was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) in 2010. MSA is a terminal, degenerative and progressive brain disease with no known cause and no known cure. There is no treatment for MSA, and it does not go into remission. Most MSA patients succumb to the disorder or its complications within 6-8 years of diagnosis. Wendy, like most MSA patients, was deteriorating rapidly. Three years after her diagnosis, Wendy was in extreme debilitating pain and she was told that she needed to have a permanent pain implant placed in her spinal cord. Despite being desperate for relief, having the recommended procedure was unacceptable to Wendy. It was at that point that Wendy made a decision to say yes to life, to say goodbye to negative energy and to embrace her body’s innate ability to heal. This will to live, was familiar to Wendy, she had experienced it at another point in her life when she was kidnapped and assaulted at gunpoint in 1993.

Wendy is a survivor: a week before her kidnapping, she randomly watched an Oprah episode that provided tips on what to do when kidnapped. With this knowledge and with the help of the Michigan State Police, Wendy survived her ordeal. Wendy has gone on to help other crime victims. She is a victims’ advocate and frequently speaks on behalf of victims to those involved in law enforcement and victims’ rights.

After getting back in touch with her strong survival instincts, Wendy left the country in search of holistic healing modalities not offered in the United States. Wendy’s transformational cellular level healing began at her first Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release (BBTR) workshop in Greece. After experiencing the modality, Wendy was given the opportunity to become certified in BBTR. She is the first person certified in this modality in the United States. BBTR allows organically interrupted trauma responses to be gently completed, which restores vitality and flow to the body.

>Wendy feels strongly that the 1993 assault, combined with the MSA diagnosis in 2010 pointed the way to her life’s purpose. After receiving her BBTR certification and putting a team together, UBU Today was born. UBU Today is committed to promoting holistic forms of healing, educating the public about the benefits they provide, and offering this alternative to those who seek it.

Wendy has strong relationships with other professionals who support victims of crime and trauma. She is an avid Presumptive Parole Victims’ Advocate, and she partners with the Michigan Attorney General’s office in this capacity. Wendy was selected to receive the Governor’s Service Award in the category of Volunteer of the Year in 2018.

For more information about Wendy:

Wendy is an avid advocate for alternative healing modalities specifically related to trauma resolution and disease management.

- Wendy Morrison -


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