Breathing Sense into a Session

During a short interview, we establish how trauma is held in your system and how it affects the quality of your daily life. You will be guided to bring your attention to the areas where you hold most tension and notice how it feels on the physical level. In order to activate this tension, we use a breath technique called Trance Energetic Breathing (breathing through the mouth in a connected way without pause between in-breath and out-breath). As a result, your body will charge up with energy, which will facilitate the unblocking of tension, emotion, trauma, and/or prompt a full-body release. You will be supported to keep bringing your attention to the physical sensations you might be experiencing instead of getting lost in the intensity of your expression.

You are guided and supported to slow all forms of your expression in order to fully connect to your conscious experience.

Trauma work is based on uncoupling the physical tension from emotional charge we hold in our bodies. When we break this vicious circle of emotional and physical tension, the space for healing and relaxation is created.

In the beginning of a session, you will be supported to find a resource within your body (a place of comfort and safety). This is the place where we periodically shift your attention through the session. When we move between the places of tension and charge and the resource in the body, we allow our neuromuscular system to relax and start to release long held trauma. This release may come in many different ways: emotional expression, shaking, trembling, laughter or tears, physical movement of the spine. These are just some releases that may be happening during your session. The facilitator gently supports you by lovingly holding space throughout this breath session. Each session is different and includes counseling, various physical exercises, and hands-on work to help you breathe more fully.

We conclude each session with a short sharing to help you ground and process your experience.

This type of session supports you to take steps toward your inner healing process instead of relying on outside sources.

Compared to talk therapy, BioDynamic Breath Release is as short as an 8 to 15 session series. It is effective enough to cause personal breakthroughs and leaps in awareness and health improvements. Even one session could potentially create a permanent shift in consciousness.

If you feel called to join, please email us at



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