• Annie

    My experience during the Cocoon Massage Retreat was the most profound healing shift that I have yet to experience. It was everything that I have been looking for, and more. Within the first meditation during the retreat, I understood how authentic and dedicated the Cocoon Team was. They created a sacred space for everyone involved to go as deep as possible, and the safety that I felt during those days I still carry with me. I didn't know that it was possible to go on a healing journey with only my breath, and now the possibilities are endless with what I learned and discovered there. I was able to shed so many layers of trauma with these breathing techniques and massage work, and I still am feeling the benefits weeks later.
    I understand that it's only the beginning and I look forward to many more retreats with my Cocoon family and to thank Jo Morris creating the opportunity to experience this beautiful work. I'm so grateful that I had this opportunity and my life is forever changed because of it.

  • Brad

    The stress of working in a fast-paced environment such as automotive manufacturing has made it difficult for me to breathe normally for a long time. However, after attending this retreat I am now able to catch a full breath of air with ease. In my whole life, I’ve never been able to release so much stress and anxiety….It is this kind of environment that allows for deep healing work to manifest. Through guided exercises, I experienced rapid vibrations in different areas of my body that I was able to move up my spine to my neck and release muscle tension. I experienced tingling sensations in my hands and in my stomach. Everything around me felt like it was part of me when I touched it with my hands. I felt connected. I felt whole. I felt relieved.

  • Julie

    My decision to show up, to trust the process, and to invest myself fully in it is truly three of the best decisions I’ve ever made...When the retreat began, I was at a loss as to how the exercises we engaged in could have any real effect on me physically, mentally, or spiritually; however, I decided to disconnect from my rational mind and simply experience what was being offered. The more I let go and trusted the safe environment that was provided and the people around me, the more I was able to access things that felt like they had been buried deep within me for years...I just needed to release it—or more accurately, to let it be...I was amazed that I could be that vulnerable in the presence of people I had never met before and that they in kind could share the deepest parts of themselves with me. The people I shared this experience with are like brothers and sisters to me, and I have a bond with them that defies explanation...I have been doing serious self-improvement/spiritual work for many years and nothing I have [done] has been as strong as this work. I believe that my life has been forever changed by this experience and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of it.

  • Sandie

    Sandie Kisting, Indigo Healing, Middleton Wi

    ~Week of Learning~

    With each new day, I discovered more about my personal self. Issues that I had thought were dealt with were obviously hidden under the surface. With each new technique or breathing exercise or massage, my body and mind released more and more. Every day brought a new idea or thought process. Each day taught us how to be optimally well so we could work with our clients.I am open to new ideas and while some of the techniques forced me out of my comfort zthree, the entire experience truly changed my life...I’ve made some amazing new friends, learned more about myself, have learned new techniques of people management as well as self management. The retreat made me realize that there is still an entire world out there to explore and enjoy.The staff was top notch. They were very professional and the workshops always began on time. There was a reflection session each day and a sharing session if you chose to participate. Both were very beneficial because these sessions taught all of us how to communicate and how to listen better. We learned about trials and triumphs as well as ways to learn from our mistakes.The workshops were intense sessions and we learned much. They were organized and always were relevant to the lessons being taught. If there were questions, they were addressed efficiently and truthfully. The experience of sharing with others only made the retreat more impressive.The other attendees were also a great resource for the workshop. We all brought our individual talents and abilities to add to the retreat. Each of us had unique professions and contributed to the overall process of learning. We shared techniques, stories of personal growth and achievement as well as gaining friendships that last. We have also stayed in contact since the retreat since we are now a great support network for each other.

  • Christine

    I remember thinking “ Wow, I never realized how much pain people carry inside, particularly victims of unresolved trauma.” I could "see" it on their outside appearances, but it was worse to see how deeply it was embedded in their bodies. As the exercises were practiced, the brokenness of the participants manifested itself in many different overt behaviors such as: fingers tight and frozen, shaking, running in place, various sounds coming from their mouths...Then others were calm, placid, and smiling in happy places with arms letting loose in dance movements as if in a beautiful dream.After such exercises, we would go back into the circle and discuss what they felt after this particular activity….The participants were like children and the safe space facilitated them to be vulnerable...I couldn’t stop smiling.I was happy, genuinely gut-happy like a child.I felt as if the thicket and prickles of pain in my heart had been removed and now the space in there was smooth and no longer taken up by those feelings.I felt more energy and space to take in love or give love out. I had vision for things I want to do with my life in the near future.This is healing, not a"mind" thing at all. The breathwork, meditation...and conscious touch principles are scientifically supported as effective alternative healing modalities.

    B. T. W. It’s a month later and I am still smiling!

  • Jimi

    My name is Jimi Merk and I am a natural healing practitioner of many modalities with a focus in Shamanic healing techniques. I am a psychic medical intuitive as well as a medium. I have been working with people in holistic arts and medicine for over 12 years and have helped people all across America. I have a patin for helping people to Shine and started my wellness studio 9 years ago called Shine Your Light Wellness. I help all ages of clientele with all types of clinical and psychological issues. I help people to rehabilitate the body, mind, and spirit as well as teach my clients to heal themselves and others. I love to teach and travel the country continually teaching healing, intuitive ability development, spirituality, and astrophysics.
    I was looking for something powerful to grow in my practice as well as to help others with when I found out about the Cocoon retreat and study in Michigan...The deep breathing Kundalini meditation that we learned and experienced was perfect for forcing the release of emotional stress and pain. I have studied similar deep breathing meditations that are all very functional in pulling up emotional trauma and fear so that it can be released from the body, heart, and mind. This extensive meditation is unique because it involves holding space as well as pressure point and energy hands on healing techniques to assist in the healing journey of the participant. I loved how fast the response to the breathing and movement allowed for speedy release and healing. It was a very powerful experience and tremendously healing even for me as a seasoned practitioner and teacher. I connected with all of my guidance, animal spirits, and everything in the universe, It was a very powerful experience for me personally. Shine

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