Om Wild Wilderness Expeditions


Individuals who develop authentic depth in their nature awareness will also notice they cause waves in the world around them.  This leads to deeper levels of awareness both on the inner and outer landscapes. It becomes a process of healing. When we can listen and observe with all of our senses, we deepen this nature connection and experience a sense of joy and well­being. We feel connected to our source and are present in our body and less distracted by our thoughts. It is not until we begin being with the natural world in an intentional way that we can awaken to our innate wholeness.  

Research shows that with an increase in time spent outdoors our youth have a decrease in the cases and severity of obesity, ADHD, mental illness, and prescribed and illicit drug use. There is also evidence of an increase in resilience and problem-solving skills. After a few weeks of 6 hours per day, 5 days per week in the backcountry following our core routines, the students are calmer, walk taller, engage better with people both their own age and older, are more agile in their movements, ask better questions, smile and laugh more. Parents say they are nicer and want to know what we have done. Truly, we let nature do the work. We create the space for them to learn how to connect and relate to oneself and the Earth without the conveniences of the modern world.

Wilderness workshops are designed to allow you to experience nature directly and feel the freedom of walking across a landscape and learning to trust the earth to provide for all of your needs. These workshops serve as a stepping-stone for those wanting to expand their connection with nature, build wilderness survival, primitive living skills and restore vitality.


Wilderness Survival Expeditions Incorporate:

·         Breathwork & meditations that allow connections with the elements and ourselves to restore flow and vitality. These are supported through the BBTR framework. 

·         Constructing primitive shelters & fires (modern & primitive methods).

·         Locating food and water by identifying indicator species.

·         Learning navigation techniques.

·         Identifying and enjoying wild edibles.

·         Participants experience nature and community in meaningful and ancient forms. 

·         Learn to increase connection and comfort level in the wilderness and to carry this feeling of connection into daily life.  

·         Experience the simplicity and abundance of nature traveling through various environments with minimal gear.

·         This will challenge you beyond perceived physical, emotional, and mental boundaries among the elements of nature.

·         Wilderness Expeditions are transformational experiences that provide an opportunity to learn how to flow with natural processes by relying upon nature's bounty for food, water, and shelter.

·         Significant time is spent hiking over varied terrain, being aware of our surroundings and staying on the lookout for potential food, water and shelter resources.

·         Time is also spent in camps along the way where additional survival skills will be taught and practiced. Grounding meditations are practiced as well. 

·         The emphasis is on moving through our natural landscape, gathering resources along the way, and learning to connect with ourselves, our budding tribe and a wild landscape.


*Basic gear is carried on survival expeditions most of which consists of the clothing that we will be wearing.

*Upon registering, you will receive a required gear list.

*When we meet as a group, there is an opportunity to modify what we carry prior to heading into the field.



Events are dependent on the weather and other factors


If you feel called to join, please email us at


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