Path of Love Process

Path of Love Process

The Path of Love is an intensive, loving and liberating process in which participants are supported to passionately focus on their sincere desire and longing to awaken and realize their full human and spiritual potential.

Our longing, courageously combined with a love for the Truth and an inner yearning for peace provides clear inner guidance and direction for spiritual unfoldment. The longing of the heart is benevolent and as it is oriented towards Truth, it perfectly reveals all the inner layers of identification, concepts, beliefs and emotionally charged defensive positions that keep us from directly experiencing our True Nature.

By honestly and compassionately facing these layers, the heart opens profoundly into the experience of Love.  This opening reveals the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives, directing us to realize our Essence and connection to the Divine.

This Path of Love process, taken with a firm, focused intention and sincere longing for Freedom, presents the possibility for the participant to have a significant and lasting breakthrough and shift in consciousness.

What happens?

The process of the group structure is confidential, but this much can be said about what happens: The Path of Love creates a strong 'container' of love and safety whereby all your basic needs are met. You are completely held and supported thereby leaving you free to dedicate all your energy and focus on directly experiencing your extraordinary journey of Radical Transformation.

What to expect?

  • Getting in touch with and realizing your true longing and potential
  • An experience of meditation that is unique and personal that can move you through emotional release into the exquisite tenderness of being
  • Tools to come out of old patterns of compromise, fear, complacency and isolation
  • Daily contemplation and writing assignments that are designed to deepen your process and take you to the next step in your inner understanding.
  • An invitation to radically transform how you interact with the world around you both internally and externally.
  • The opportunity to courageously welcome and expose your darkest fears, regrets and grief and have them held in love and compassion
  • A unique and direct experience of your true self
  • A tangible shift in consciousness.
  • The invitation to give and receive unconditional Love
  • The invitation to simply be Love
  • The heartfelt experience of Trust
  • An experience of connection to the source of being, to the divine.


"The Path of Love? Scary, thrilling, profoundly moving, heart-warming and joyous in equal measure. An emotional roller-coaster ride like no other. To come face to face with one’s own personal pain, regrets, fears and doubts – and those of others – and then to see all those difficult emotions transmuted into unbridled joy. Well, that’s something that will resonate with me forever. It is not easy to go from one’s intellectual life into the world of emotions. In fact, as someone once said `it’s the journey from the head to the heart that is the longest and most difficult road we take.’ But that’s exactly where the Path of Love took me, down a royal road, right into the very core of my being. And it did so with the help of some truly remarkable people, angels and shepherds all of them. I just wish now I could bottle the process and dispense it to all the broken-hearted and afflicted of the world, and to all those who might wish each other harm. The Path of Love is an elixir for peace – at an individual and communal level. And to think I almost didn’t go." - David Leser, Journalist

“I have worked in creating Rites of Passage programs for teenagers for over 15 years. The Path of Love was a profound experience for me and was a turning point in my life. The support provided and integrity of the facilitators was outstanding. It is a genuine Rite of Passage for adults looking for single person did the Path of Love the world would be a better place by far”  - Dr Arne Rubinstein MBBS, FRACGP

"I love the Path of Love process! It has helped me in so many ways through life, none the least, opening my voice and giving it new breath and new depth. And for me, that’s always a proof of inner expansion. It is themselves a spiritual ‘spring clean’." - Deva Premal,

If you feel called to join, please email us at


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