Cocoon - Conscious Touch


Shamanic journey in healing trauma with massage, vital breath, meditation and conscious touch.

Energy – Consciousness – Healing

Cocoon is a physical and meditative, shamanic experience that will transform and connect the body’s vital energy.  By connecting touch, meditation, and vital breath to the body’s pulsation, the heart and body are consciously connected to create a profound space of relaxation and trust in the Universe and Divine.  This connection provides healing and assists in clearing Chakra blockages resulting in the free flow of vital energy allowing one to feel fully alive with an abundance of joy.

A Cocoon Workshops targets three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

  • Presence: Shamanic “Vital Breath” (breathwork) exercises are incorporated throughout the workshop. This allows a safe forum to release traumatic, emotional or sexual blockages that often unconsciously manifest in the body. A safe release of these blockages creates the ability to connect with one’s self and the universe (Biodanza Structure).
  • Consciousness: Daily meditation exercise reaffirms the unity of the body – soul – spirit (1-2 evening shamanic/tantric rituals).
  • Massage: The massage is spiritual, healing, sensual and tender. The technique involves conscious touch and resourcing. It is practiced while being centered and connected to the “vital” (life) energy.
  • Daily demonstration: An initiation to the basic techniques of the Cocoon modality that is followed by a massage exchange with a partner of choice.
  • The Cocoon Workshop: Aims to restore flow and irrigate the 7 chakras, which allows one to unify their body, heart and spirit.


Cocoon - Energetic Bodywork Overview


Cocoon - Energetic Bodywork is performed with tantric awareness and intention, and therefore affects the all-important energy connection and shift between the Giver-Therapist, and the Receiver-Seeker.

The tantric energy connection operates similarly as the reiki approach, in that there is a ‘body energy field’ called the ‘etheric body’ that is generated according to the biological, sexual, emotional, and intellectual activities transpiring within the individual that form a unique and ever-changing composite etheric body accordingly.

Because such energies are hierarchical, for attainment to balance of our superior energies necessitates there being a balance of the relatively inferior energies. Thus, for example, to become balanced emotionally is consequent of balancing of the inferior (lower, preceding) levels, such as feelings, and thoughts. In this regard, “balance” comes as the result of attaining objective self-awareness.

The effect of tantric bodywork is that the balance of the superior energies of the Giver-Therapist will settle and balance the energies of the Receiver-Seeker. This is easily comprehended when considering the effect of the presence of an unsettled person, in contrast with that of a calm person of comparatively higher vibrational energy.

As its physical expression, our tantric bodywork involves soothing touch plus shiatsu (Japanese: “finger pressure”) energization of energy wells (“tsubo”) occurring along the twelve energy meridians of the body similar to acupressure, acupuncture, Thai meridian energy work; all being derivatives of the original Anma encounter that will be a transformation of your energies arising from the experience of therapeutic touch.

If you feel called to join, please email us at


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